David Berry

David  Berry served seven years at the White House Council on Environmental  Quality chairing Interagency Groups on Sustainable Development  Indicators and Industrial Ecology which he co-founded. He has spoken in  Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. He is a member of the Balaton  Group, a systems and natural resources think tank. He is past president  of one of the oldest meditation centers in North America. Popular  retreats he conducts are “Daily Life as a Spiritual Practice” and “Your  Life is your Path.” David studied with Namgyal Rinpoche since 1971 and  traveled with him to Antarctica, the Arctic, and scuba diving in  Indonesia. A few weeks before Namgyal Rinpoche's death, he ordained  David on September 11, 2003. David co-gathered Tales of Awakening, a  book of memorable interactions meditation students had with Namgyal  Rinpoche.

The idea to write the historical fiction time-travel  novel, Gate in the Fence of Time, began with a visit to Colonial  Williamsburg long ago. He procrastinated on actually writing it until  the characters in the book began to insist on being heard.

In the  1970s and 80s, David performed on Korean and American television and  radio including on National Public Radio's "The Prairie Home Companion”

David's  spiritual work is woven into talks and his facilitating on  environmental and sustainability topics. He was invited to speak on  sustainability and spirituality at the Russian Academy of Science to  scientists from around the world. 


Elizabeth Berry

Elizabeth  Berry is a teacher of Ikenobo, the oldest school of Ikebana. With the  support of the Manako Jaffas school of Tokyo and Reiko Royston of the  Metropolitan Washington Chapter, she teaches both traditional and  creative free-style compositions. Elizabeth believes that when one finds  harmony among the materials, the vase, and the space, one finds  internal harmony. She leads classes throughout the Greater Washington DC  area and in Richmond, Virginia.